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Their objective is to identify best practices, resources and processes that facilitate effective faculty recruitment and to shape, as necessary, university policies and practices governing faculty recruitment. Best Practices Checklists. Recommendations to consider for developing the faculty position announcements. Through our self-study process and cultural assessment we have identified many areas of strength for . The Office for Equity and Diversity's units, the . Find out why faculty (particularly women) join and leave your program and target these areas (Morahan et al, 2001). While the working group outcomes inform the work of the FCAC and the cluster initiative, its purview extends beyond the cluster initiative. 10 FACULTY HIRING GUIDELINES, BEST PRACTICES AND TOOLKIT - VERSION ONE A search committee will be successful in recruiting the finest, most qualified faculty available and present the University as an attractive and welcoming community by taking time to organize and define its search process in alignment with college goals. Faculty search committee briefings and consultation Crafting the Position a. MSSTATE Checklist; DRM Checklist; Recruiting Resources "Best Practices: Recruiting & Retaining Faculty and Staff of Color" (2009). a. DSC Workshop - General Best Practices of Equity-minded Recruitment (1 hour) Notes: (1) Per Senate Policy 20-08, "but will not be applicable to those searches already in progress and having the goal of hiring . The present version incorporates valuable material from Time Topic(s) Videos (Log in by your OU 44) The care that they take in selecting faculty ensures that instruction and scholarship are of the highest standards. This best practices checklist from Interfolio should give you a starting point, with a wealth of specific changes to which you can point to gauge your institution's follow-through on faculty diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments.

Published by Stylus Publishing, LLC. Here we present a wide array of information and training materials shared by universities and professional societies to support best practices in faculty and staff recruitment and professional development for the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Best Practices for Faculty Recruitment Lehigh ADVANCE hosts this toolbox of resources to enhance faculty recruitment processes, practices and the diversity of the outcomes, with special attention paid to issues of interdisciplinary faculty. This document is meant to serve as a concise Handbook of Best Practices for hiring and retaining a diverse and inclusive faculty across the three campuses of the University of Washington, and thus it is meant to assist the university community in meeting its goals of promoting equity and of enhancing excellence through diversity. Offer to visit graduate program to answer questions for graduate students and explain work at a R2 teaching university. The purpose of this workshop is to share national best practices in faculty recruitment. Help faculty find professional fulfillment and work that is meaningful to them (Bickel & Brown, 2005; Lieff, 2009). Consider including individuals in other departments or disciplines. The most successful search committees consider recruitment ongoing and do not engage in one-shot recruiting invitations to a campus. Know the availability pool for the position. Part-Time Faculty Candidates Draft your announcement as broadly as possible to attract a large pool of applicants. An intentional and thoughtful process that (1) aims to decrease the influence of bias, (2) structures interviews and questions to provide objective evaluations, and (3) prioritizes fair negotiations and formal mentorship . requirements but best positions us to achieve our diversity goals. Ensure the University's EEO statement is prominently displayed in any posting, advertisements or communication. If your committee is scheduling the interview well in advance, have a confirmation email go out 24 hours prior to the interview. . Human Resources (HR) and Faculty Affairs will offer multiple Best Practices in Academic & Administrative Faculty Recruiting one-hour workshops. It will soon be updated to include the new FSAT system. Advance Home; About Expand menu for About. 22883 Quicksilver Drive, Sterling, Virginia. Best Practices for Successful Graduate Recruitment page 3 of 4 Updated: 1/23/17 by Drs. Introduction to "Best Practices for Conducting Faculty Searches" 1 1.0 Starting a Productive Search 2 2.0 Recruiting a Broad and Deep Group of Candidates 5 3.0 Evaluating Candidates Fairly 9 Unconscious Bias and its Influence on Decision Making 10 4.0 Implementing Informative Campus Visits 15 Appendix Pre-Search 1. Faculty/Leadership Hiring Best Practices - Human Resources. The University of Miami's commitment to recruiting and retaining a diverse and talented faculty is grounded in the belief that to be innovative and excellent we must also be inclusive. In partnership with UCSF Academic Affairs, the Office of Diversity and Outreach encourages the use of best practices in all recruitments. One of UD ADVANCE's key initiatives is to promote best practices for faculty recruitment through research-based workshops and resources for faculty hiring committees. Diversity recruitment resources have also been expanded by partnering with job boards focusing on women, people of color, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. Attachment I 2 . Best Practices Building for Excellence: Inclusive Practices for Faculty Recruitment and Searches This guide for departments is a comprehensive resource on search processes, procedures, strategies and resources available to departments. You are strongly encouraged to review the applicant pool characteristics before the search closes. 6 | Diverse Faculty Recruitment Toolkit Search Process Part II - Search Chair and Committee Several best practices in faculty search processes are applicable when discussing the search chair and committee roles. In response to the Research on Bias and Assumptions developed by WISELI at the University of Wisconsin Madison, The Office of Faculty Affairs adapted a list of best practices to reduce bias. This guide for departments is a comprehensive resource on search processes, procedures, strategies and resources available to departments. UC San Diego Health Sciences Steps to Reducing Bias. The purpose of best practices in faculty recruitment and hiring is to recruit exceptional faculty. Best Practices and Guidelines Offered several times throughout the fall semester, a workshop provides guidance for faculty search committee members, search committee chairs and administrators supporting the search. It will soon be updated to include the new FSAT system. As a best practice, a meeting to discuss qualified candidates can help to facilitate better decision making. To help with your recruitment plans, the following are some best practices and useful resources to assist with your program's proactive recruitment efforts during COVID-19. QUICK LINKS. Search committees play a critical role in shaping Columbia's facultythey are stewards of Columbia's future. Here are my top diversity recruiting solutions for 2022 to help you attract candidates from underrepresented minorities. Building an excellent and diverse faculty, however, will require us to be intentional. . Enable the hiring of the best available candidates by paying attention to the application process, selection of short list, faculty visit experience and by working to minimize the impact of unconscious biases. 2016 Best Practices for Faculty Recruitment.

Committee to conduct an in-depth review of the Medical School's faculty recruitment processes and practices. This list is shared with FTE search committees. Ensure the University's EEO statement is prominently displayed in any posting, advertisements or communication. Best Practices in Faculty Recruitment Best Practices in Faculty Recruitment Step 1: Develop a Position Description Develop a position description that includes strategic scholarly areas, desired experience, and disciplinary background. Write the description that appeals to a broad applicant pool. 1. Suggested Best Hiring Practices for Faculty Recruiting Phase 1: Attract Excellent Faculty Start early, anticipate opening of future positions Connect and network with talented URiM and WiSTEM potential faculty candidates Facilitate campus visits (virtual) of outstanding /potential candidates / Visiting Future Faculty Program (VITAL) Consider including individuals in other departments or disciplines. questions about these resources and best practices. It does not replace existing University, school, or department procedures or practices, but Search specific recruitment. Set SMART Goals. ADVANCE Center Leadership; ADVANCE 2016-2019; 2010-2016 Goals Expand menu for 2010-2016 Goals. Faculty Equity Advisors are senior faculty members who provide information and advice about practices for advancing excellence, equity and diversity in faculty recruitment at UCSF. A. through its faculty recruitment and hiring policies, practices, and initiatives, this CJC Faculty Recruitment Guide has been established. Best Practices for Diversity and Excellence . In addition to a broad review of graduate . Recruitment. They are considered a best practice as they are the most efficient way to use the tool, as intended through design, that allows . Northern Kentucky University, an institution committed to educational excellence and learning, actively promotes a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community that values, affirms, and advances the diverse background, interests, experiences, and aspirations of With the support of colleagues and mentors, our associates are given the tools needed to get where they want to go.

The following best practices checklists are designed to identify the necessary components for ensuring that university faculty and staff recruitment and retention efforts are successful in reaching out to and welcoming diverse individuals. These recommendations have been made by a committee of department managers and divisional staff across the campus. Draft your announcement as broadly as possible to attract a large pool of applicants. Ask all faculty to post ads to disciplinary list-servs. Set a high standard in treating all faculty with respect, and promote a positive environment for everyone. Helps others to increase their awareness and acceptance of cultural differences. The work of the Committee encompassed three areas: 1 . Demonstrates a common knowledge or understanding of cultural differences. This spring, the offices for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources will hold several interactive workshops on Best Practices in Faculty Recruitment and Hiring. Jenifer Cason, Alfredo Artiles Offer a mix of social and academic activities (e.g., potluck dinner at a faculty member's home, 4/18/22. Monitor Applicant Pool - An equity-minded best practice of faculty recruitment includes oversight of the applicant pool . Best practices . Disability-related Resources and Best Practices for Faculty Recruitment (PDF) Disability Resources for Current and Prospective Faculty (PDF) Guide to Acceptable Interview Questions (PDF) Sample Candidate Evaluation Sheet (PDF) Background Reading and Resources Unconscious Bias and its Influence on Decision Making (PDF) An intentional and thoughtful process that (1) aims to decrease the influence of bias, (2) structures interviews and questions to provide objective evaluations, and (3) prioritizes fair negotiations and formal mentorship . Best Practices for TargetX Recruitment and Retention. S:\COLShare\Faculty Development\Hiring, Searches, and recruitment\Policies & Procedures\Search Procedures 2020-2021\Virtual Faculty Recruiting_Best Practices- emphasis on Interviewing.docx January 4, 2021 .

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on graduate school recruitment. As explained in "Effectively Recruiting Faculty of Color at Highly Selective Institutions: A School of Education Case Study," "Without formal and pronounced action in support of recruiting faculty of color, hiring processes for this population may be considered tenuous at best" (Gasman, Kim, & Nguyen, 2011, p. 213).

EDI BEST PRACTICES Faculty, Staff, and Students. . The faculty recruitment process at Emory is a collaborative effort between the Department of Equity and Inclusion team and hiring officials at the school level. In particular, we focus our efforts in these ways: Facilitating Effective Processes for Faculty Recruitment Educating about best practices to ensure a diverse search committee and advising on proactive search . Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Faculty for Institutions of Higher Education Aldemaro Romero Jr.1, Chair, Committee on Cultural Diversity, Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences, 10 March 2017 Research has shown that increasing diversity in organizations and the workplace is not only a matter of social justice. Given the feedback from past workshops, the spring workshops have been redesigned to include more information about the mechanics of the search process. Attendees will learn tools and resources for an efficient and effective search process. Recruiting a Diverse Faculty (Best Practices) February 2009 . This document provides faculty recruitment recommendations for the department, which were developed by the Faculty Affairs Committee in June 2015.. Procedure for initiating a new faculty search Therefore, committees should FA-Rev_11-10-21 1 BEST PRACTICES OF EQUITY-MINDED TENURE-TRACK FACULTY RECRUITMENT: PLANNING AND PROCESSES [This is a living document and will be revised periodically as To support best practices for hiring new faculty members, the following resources are offered: CEE faculty search recommendations. Recruitment, Assessment, Selection & Onboarding. The University of Washington's Handbook of Best Practices for Faculty Searches has many excellent ideas for all stages of the faculty recruitment, selection, and . The faculty member should: Inform students of the academic integrity policies and expectations in their course; Apply academic integrity policies and expectations equitably to all students; Review the circumstances of a suspected academic misconduct incident with the student if possible; Impose appropriate academic consequences and educational . We also wish to ensure that faculty searches serve the university's mission of diversity, equity and inclusion by removing bias and guaranteeing all candidates fair and equitable treatment. The most successful search committees consider recruitment ongoing and do not engage in one-shot recruiting invitations to a campus. Best Practices Checklist for Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention 1 Creating and Maintaining a Diverse Workforce Ensure strong and visible leadership as the model for a commitment to diversity Include a commitment to diversity and inclusion into formal, long -term plans (mission, strategic plan) . To achieve this, a structured and intentional faculty recruitment process with fair and open practices is highly beneficial. August 26, 2016 Zarrow Hall, Room145 AGENDA. Best Practices. A best practice is a standard method or technique that has been generally accepted as most effective by TargetX through ongoing collaborative work with our clients. Best Practices for Improving Faculty Diversity Recruitment and Retention The following text is from Chapter 7, "Best Practices for Improving Faculty Diversity Recruitment and Retention," in the book, The Chief Diversity Officer [CDO]: Strategy, Structure, and Change Management, by Damon A. Williams and Katrina C. Wade-Golden.